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Catholic Workers Movement - Uganda

Savings and Loan Association (CW-SLA)


A Catholic Workers Savings and Loan Association is a group of 10-20 people who regularly save together and give out small loans from those savings.

CW-SLA main principles:
1. The group decides together about new member who want to join in. This group must be composed of members who trust in each other. They should be able to meet regularly and pay a minimum amount into the group found.
2. A group has 5 person management committee elected for one cycle (1 year). This management committee takes on the whole administration of the group.
3. A group receives training from a CW Trainer for a period of time. Thereafter, the group takes whole responsibility of its affairs and the trainer only gives accompaniment to them.
4. All transactions are performed at Meetings in front of all Members, so that every member is always aware about all the transactions performed in every meeting.

Who should join a CW-SLA?
CWM Members forming a CW SLA group should fulfill the following Criteria:
• Know each other and be from a similar economic background
• Don’t live too far from where the meetings will be held
• Have a reputation for Honesty and reliability
• Be able to attend all meetings and attend them on time
• Follow the rules
• Have a cooperative personality (someone who is known to create conflict should probably not join)
• Be able pay a minimum amount into the group font
• Be able to repay loans on time
• There should only be one member from the same household (it is better if members from the same household join different CW-SLA΄s)