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Catholic Workers Movement - Uganda

Concept and Structure


All activities of CWM base on following contents:

Vision     Mission     Core Values     Targets


A society free from social injustice

To encourage the members to take collective action towards social change using the principles of the Catholic Church

Core Values 
Spirituality         Solidarity   
Voice of the Voiceless         Help to self-Help        


• To improve the spiritual morals of members through sharing deeply their Christian values
• To foster spiritual development and the nourishment of the soul among members and non-members
• To instil in members the significance of “Loyalty at work all the time”
• To educate members of different inter-organisations i.e. the Laity, the clergy and the Religious to have the spirit of working together, Solidarity, transparency and trust among one another
• To sensitise members always to adhere to the Biblical call/teaching of sincere forgiveness and genuine reconciliation
• To instil in members a sense of dignity by creating awareness on human rights, living and working conditions and ensuring they are recognised and respected
• To raise in members awareness on exploitation, injustices and oppression with emphasis on denouncing them where they bring ills in society, to group workers/Dioceses so as to help them see and evaluate their day to day problems with an aim of solving them
• To avail to members with facilities designed to advance the welfare of the community both in the urban and rural population
• To support and groom leaders in addition to participating in Leadership of Church, Society and other fora
• To unite, to organise for collaboration and mutual help, and to represent those


Graphic of Structure